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Discover your past life patterns and clear your karmas

Let go of your blockages from past lives in order to align yourself and live your current life to the fullest.


For whom?


Your efforts are not bearing fruit and despite your discomfort you are unable to change. You are aware of your problem but you always fall back into the same patterns? One or more karmic memories may be the cause.

Whether it is in the emotional, family, professional or financial areas, you suffer the consequences of these repetitive events? If you no longer feel in control of your life, regressions will allow you to access certain information from past lives and will allow you to better understand the situation and to get to the source of your problem.

I will serve as a medium to download your information from the source. You will then be able to have access to those significant elements that condition you to live in such and such a way without you knowing why. Thus, you will be able to find answers to your questions and modify these negative behaviors.

We cannot change our past but if we change our way of seeing things, the situation, if we make peace with our soul and the people involved in the scene we are working on, we heal our present: it is the Butterfly Effect!

By processing these traumatic events, you will regain your freedom and your free will.


Removal of Energy Blocks and Intrusions

I can feel  these blocks and intrusions and uses advanced shamanic healing methods to easily clear and remove them.


We often acquire energy blocks or intrusions of energies that don't belong to us because our energy fields are weak or too open.


This healing method enables the client's energies to flow uninhibited and allows for there to be a restoration of balance and health as the body, mind and spirit can then naturally align to the best state.

Soul Retrieval

Whenever something happens that one's soul experiences as traumatic, there can be soul loss, which is when part of a person's spirit or essence separates out from the person to protect its pure integrity while the person experiences the trauma.


Shamans believe that these soul parts are then waiting in the spirit realms, and can be easily retrieved and restored to the person they belong to. Shaman restores these pure soul parts to the client with a team of helping spirits.


The soul parts that are returned and reintegrated to the client are their own pure energy and are not a wounded parts that needs healing.

Soul retrieval is found in virtually every indigenous culture and is a healing method that has been practiced for thousands of years because it is so powerful.


Almost everyone experiences some soul loss in life even it is a small event.


When a person has soul retrieval they are then able to move forward with all their soul energy intact, which is crucial to being able to create a balanced and happy life! 


Power Animal/Angel/Plant Spirit Retrieval

These retrievals are usually done with soul retrieval, I will  guided to restore or create these connections.


When there is a loss of personal power through trauma or for another reason, there can be problems for the individual.


Sometimes these retrievals bring a new energy connection for the person that had not been previously present in this lifetime or they restore a lost connection.


These retrievals bring the client new support, deeper ways of learning about and accessing their inner personal power and integrity and stronger grounding and expansion energies.

Image by ian dooley

Chinese Astrology

Chinese traditions and popular superstitions are at the origin of this 4000 year old "philosophical science" that is the Chinese horoscope.

From the year of the Rat to the year of the Boar, the cycle of Chinese astrology is illustrated by 12 Chinese signs represented by animals and renewed every 12 years.


The legend suggests that it is Buddha himself who instituted the order and logic...

I use traditional astrology and YI Jing to help you plan your activities in advance. 

​Energetic space cleansing, home and buildings

Space cleansing is the art of clearing and revitalising stagnant energies in buildings.


All traditional cultures have some form of space cleansing. It can be considered a higher level of house cleaning and is as essential to the energetic maintenance of a place as physical cleaning is to physical maintenance.


I request that you send me your photos and plans of your space prior to the consultation.


The work done will depend on the size of the space. 

Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands

Channeling with your loved ones (humans or animals)

Everything is made of energy and vibrates at a specific frequency.


When I connects with your deceased loved one, they raise their vibration while the Spirit lowers theirs just enough to align the frequencies.


I will take a moment of silence to connect with the other side and then transmit the information I get from the spirit: personality traits, physical descriptors, etc.


While there is no real time limit, the bereaved person must be in a stable emotional state when requesting a reading. You could provide me with a name before the consultation and the connection will be made very easily.

Business development

Entrepreneur since 14 years, I understand your stress and responsibility in your work, I will be happy to listen to you and establish the strategy plan by mixing clairvoyance and forecasting the possibilities in your projects. 


Business development


Entrepreneur since 14 years, I understand your stress and responsibility in your work, I will be happy to listen to you and establish the strategy plan by mixing clairvoyance and forecasting the possibilities in your projects. 

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